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This is Me and My Story

I’m a small town family photographer Perth, just a stones throw SOR, and woman in business with big dreams. I really love  smelly and strong hard cheese,  a glass of red merlot in the winter and a crisp dry riesling in the summer. I love caramilk as well as dark lindt with raspberries. I adore babies and puppy cuddles.

We are blessed with two amazing, strong willed and so wildly wonderful little girlies, and all I can say is our little unit has never been so complete. Often you can find me snugged up in my wonderful home just south of Fremantle, with my two poppets and labrador doggo or basking on the beaches of Perth with my dreamboat husband. 

At ripe old age of 23, I invested in my first DSLR camera, (which is now over a decade ago…) Even then I didn’t actually see this becoming my profession and career. 

Little did I know, that camera and my first ever (and probably terrible!) session with a friend's toddler would be my one-way ticket out of my windowless, boring job as a recruitment consultant. I have had so many different career paths: recruitment consultant, hotel reservationist, barista, waitress, deli supervisor, cheese monger, school lunch lady, paralegal, receptionist… I could go on, but you get the point!
That single investment led me to the little business I’m running today. 

I have a contagious laugh and more patience than Mary Poppins, plus I can coax a smile out of the most stubborn toddler to the moodiest teenager! The real reason I'm known for being a "baby whisperer" and being so "cool" with the kids is that I‘m just a big kid, so it means I can just be my silly self and will do whatever it takes to make your session memorable.

My mission is to become not only your family photographer Perth but also to be your newborn photography Perth gal. 

Your Local Newborn, baby and Family Lifestyle photographer Fremantle, Perth


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You may notice that my images and style are a little different from most newborn and family photographer Perth.

That’s because for me who you are right now in this stage of life is what matters. Whether you are part of a growing family, celebrating as a couple, making a pet part of your family or simply celebrating where you are right now, it all matters. Who you are and your story matter.

My sessions are relaxed, fun filled and un-posed. I am your local Perth family photographer.

I’m here to celebrate you, come join me!
I print in-house and use only small, boutique labs for albums and wall art. 
Together we work hard to craft prints that according to some "could hang in a gallery" (insert blushing emoji!). My prints are archival and are on the most beautiful fine art paper.

My goal is to have those images become more and more valuable to you with every year that passes.

When professional imagery is printed and designed to coordinate with your home and its decor, all of sudden you are your art.

It’s an investment so worth it, you'll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, especially when your little ones grow, change and discover before your eyes. 

Remembering all those good times, tantrums, smiles, and frowns through portrait photography allows you to take that final backwards glance time and again. Photography is a little portal in to a precious past.

Families and children grow all too quickly, so capture them as they are right now, whilst you can.

Your family is amazing. Professional portraiture as your Perth family photographer, celebrates you and the legacy that you are creating. 

Images of you in your home will bring to life the love you share and the adventures you have together. 

When you walk by it everyday, you'll get an overwhelming feeling of joy, love and nostalgic purpose flowing through you.

my Ethos

Let's Be




Strip it all away, no superfluous or ostentatious props. You are left with amazing mum, dad and newborn photography Fremantle, Perth, to pass down to your children.

Imagery whose composition is stripped back and focused purely on the person in it. It’s genuine, real, and brings a tear to your eye

I want my images are meant to be as amazing and beautiful in 40 years as they are now

My Style

| Cold weather and snow, I actually suffer of self diagnosed "sad" disorder
| Eggplant - Yuck!!!
| To a messy house - it gives me anxiety
| To putting fuel in the car - I avoid it if I can...haha!
| To Beer - sorry, just not fan


| To strolls on the beach , feeling the sun on my skin, the sea breeze in my hair
| Snuggles with my little loves
| To dresses that are flowy and white
| Gin & Tonic or a Red wine and chocolate after a long day
| Working out in my little home gym every morning to boost my mood
| Working in our little sustainable back yard garden
| hanging with my hubby on the couch after the toddlers have gone to sleep
| Watering my many plants at home and playing jazz music
| to "Friends" - this is my go to show, to play in the background - we have a "friends" line for almost every scenario in life, haha! 


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