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Hi friend, thanks for being here, I want to paint your family's picture through my lens, I want you to see how beautiful and special your family is, How adorable and quirky your little ones are, the love and connection between you and your partner, that may get lost in the everyday stresses of life. That is what Im here for, to be your Photographer, specialising in lifestyle photography Perth & baby photography Perth, but you already knew that, right?! that's why you are here.         
Welcome to my little labour of love.

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newborn photography perth

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You carry your little one for nine - ten months, you find yourself dreaming of what your babe will look like, their hairs, their eyes, their squishy cheeks, that new baby smells, then just as you are getting use to carrying your bub, they appear earthside. And your life is forever changed. You realise - not only have you just become a mama, but you are also a whole new you. You freeze and want to stay in your newborn bubble for as long as possible, you take a million photos on your phone, watching them breath and sleep, listening to the little squeaks.

 Ten days have passed, its time for your newborn session with me, your newborn photographer Perth. Perhaps it's your first time out of your home, with your new little love, you feel nervous, but have managed to wash your hair and put some eye pencil on, chosen a neutral outfit that you feel comfortable in and made your way to the car. Your partner drives and you sit in the back keeping a watchful ye over your precious cargo. You've made your way to my little home studio, you are greeted by my loving, warm and inviting home and nature, you instantly relax and feel at home. 
We talk about your session, we connect and chat like old friends.

It is your moment to be photographed with your little love, so little and snug in your arms, your breath them in and never want this moment to pass, as you close your eye and take a mental image, meanwhile I photograph you and freeze this moment in time for you, I ask you to think about the last couple of weeks and to just play these moments in your mind, tears roll down your face as you snuggle your little lovebug, but you don't cry because you are sad, you cry because you are happy, overwhelmed, perhaps haven't had time to think about the last two weeks and you realise in this moment, you are crying because you are exactly where you want to be right now, this moment is perfect.

Its your partner's turn to be photographed, you sit down and watch this unfold, you watch your partner sway from side to side, holding and snuggling your little one, their perfectly imperfect hand so big and rugged against your beautiful soft and tender bub.

In this moment you found yourself again overcome with an extraordinary amount of happiness and you feel content, meanwhile dada - you have not stopped - the last two weeks is a blur, and in this moment I ask you to stop, and to just be, be with your new little one, you instantly relax and melt into this role of fatherhood that has perhaps caught you emotionally off-guard.

I then photograph your little family together, capturing this milestone perfectly. perhaps this little new love is your second bub, and we photograph you first born holding and doting on your new bub, and again you watch your legacy unfold, you beam with pride and happiness. This is also when I suggest to photograph you and your partner together - as a couple. You embrace each other and realise this is the first time in weeks that you've had a moment, a moment just for the two of you, a moment where you can just stand still in each other's arms and tae it all in.

Once you are photographed I then take your new little love, oh so carefully, protect and hold them like their my own, I ask you to sit down and just watch your little love, I ask you to watch them from afar and really take in how small and scrumptious they are, as a new parent you watch along in your sleep deprived state, you nod off, but only for a moment, when you wake up not wanting to look silly, i assure you, you are in a safe, comfortable space and if you need a moment, to please drift off, Ive got this, You are overcome with gratitude and the room is once more quiet, filled with warmth and white noise.
Meanwhile I gently handle your bub, slowly moving them from pose to pose, telling their story. capturing their little folds, their flakey skin, their little milk spots, I place a soft cream mohair little wrap over your little love, and curl them into a dreamy position where those beautiful folds are so perfect, I spend time perfecting the simple and timeless moment, freezing your beautiful little one's presence so perfectly in time. You leave my home perhaps exhausted, but with a full heart and feel so excited to see your images. 

Picture this,

The Nitty and gritty about your newborn session 

baby photographer fremantle, perth

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Your perfect little love is twelve weeks or perhaps a little order, you stop and realise that they have changed so quickly, and find yourself mourning this moment in time, but feel so excited to watch your little one grow. You head to my comfortable and inviting home studio, as I meet you, it feels like once again meting an old friend.

 You come into my studio and sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit, whilst staring at your babe from afar, as I work my magic, you watch as your little one attempt to roll, do a little bit of tummy time and make beautiful eye contact with the most amazing baby babbling and eye contact thrown in there.
Our session is quick, but we've captured this milestone.

The next few months are blurry, as this fleeting time just runs away with you, but bub is sitting and its time to document it.
 What an achievement fo your little love. You come to my oh so familiar home studio, and we warmly embrace each other, I take bub off of you and give you a little rest bite. You watch me as I make silly noises and pull faces, gently posing bub in the sitting position, then lying on their back, where they perhaps grab those squishy feet and babble away, staring up at me with those beautiful big eyes.

 They smile and so curiously touch my camera strap, trying to mouth it, dribble runs down their chin onto their little baby belly. We sit up, and pose them so I can photograph those beautiful baby rolls that is so scrumptious. We all laugh and sing bub's favourite song, the session is over and you go home with a full heart.

Your little love bug's first birthday is coming up! what???!!!!!
You ask yourself, how this is possible?, this feels so unfair, it passed too quickly, but you find yourself curious and excited to see where bub is going from here, who they will become, what their voice will sound like. You have perhaps already celebrated their first word, or their first steps, or maybe your baby is doing a bum shuffle or crawling, all these moments need to be captured so perfectly. 

Once more you head to my home, I am over the moon to greet you, and take your bub who I've missed so much. We talk about the last few months, you show me all the firsts that you've recored on your phone. You share the little milestones and tell me what you want to capture.

I get to work, and I tell you that secretly this is my "favourite" age. We laugh and play, sing and dance with bub.

Perhaps we are doing a cake smash, and we all feast on  left over cake, we watch as bub smear cake all over their face, smoosh their feet  and belly into said cake, perhaps your bub is so excited that they pick the cake up and eat the whole thing. Or perhaps your little one hasn't had cake before and cue the tears, as this texture and fluffy cake confuses them, their puppy eyes and big bottom lip shows, and big crocodile tears run down their face.

I assure you that this is normal, and this makes for the best images, because after all - we are documenting bub as they are and who they are at this point in time, we wrap the session up with you snuggling your bub as I photograph these moments without you even realising, because mama, not only has your baby reached this milestone, but wow, what a milestone for you too.

You leave my home until we meet again at your family lifestyle photography Perth session. 

Months pass by and your little one's first few milestone come up

The Nitty and gritty bout you milestone sessions here 

family lifestyle photographer fremantle, cockburn and surrounds

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You scroll through your phone and look at all the pics you've captured of your little ones, you get the warm and fuzzies as you relive each moment, you smile to yourself. Then it dawns on you, all these photos are of your little one and their siblings, your family pet doting on your children and your partner loving them. All the cutesie moments that you don't want to forget.

There is one or two pics of you, that perhaps your four year old or partner has taken, it's blurry, unflattering and out of focus.

You realise its time to have some professional images taken, this is where I come in, you Perth lifestyle photographer. 

If you've been with me a while, you know that I become part of your journey, I document your legacy, We have a very intimate relationship, as I am privy to your family's quirks and foibles, we celebrate you all in this moment, who you are right now.
Perfectly imperfect.

I greet you so warmly as you get out of your car with your beautiful flowly cream or perhaps boho attire, you have read my prep guide and dressed your family in a comfortable yet beautiful way that compliments our surroundings and that you will adore in your images, for years to come. Be it on amazing art work on the wall that wows everyone that walks through your home, or cotton rag prints sitting beautifully on your coffee table.

You start off by feeling a touch nervous, and rightly so, it's only human nature, but also as you want this to go perfectly. Your partner is perhaps not so keen on the experience, but I've coached you in our consultation on how to help your partner feel more comfortable with the idea and help them realise how important this moment is. 

In our consultation, I have perhaps told you about my personal experience, where I have no images of my own mother, as she was never one to get in images, and as an adult I have very few images of her to pass on to my little ones, which hit you right in the heart and helped you realise that this is so important. 

We walk together to our destination, and I spend the next ten minutes talking to your family and telling them all about the adventures we are about to have, I put your partner's mind at ease and promise him that once he walks away from the session he will be so happy he has done this. 

We get to work- if your babe is still little, we focus on cuddles and laughter, the dribble, their curiosity in birds, the trees, the smell and textures of flowers.

If your children are at a toddler age, we bring their favourite stuffed toy/security blanket and music out, then we start dancing, we chase each other, your partner picks them up and pull the face or play the game that only your partner can play.
We play peekaboo, you pick your little ones up and twirl with them, I document the laughter and games. And without you even realising, I document the moments where you and your little ones snuggle together, where you steal a little kiss or snuggle their neck.

If your babes are older - we talk about funny things they do, their likes and dislikes, we make jokes and run and play. I spend a lot of time getting to know your family, your children's' experience are so if not more important than yours. I really give them the time they deserve. Your bigger child might not want to be in the image, but I soon twist their arm, and before you know it, they are belly laughing. Or they may be the opposite and pull out all the poses from teen vogue, which I assure you, is equally entertaining.

I gently suggest to capture a few couple images of you and your partner, where you embrace and perhaps kiss, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ear, just loud enough that only you both can hear. 

 I assure you mama and dada, that we are not trying to capture perfectly posed children or parents, but more so your family as they are now. 

It so important that we relax and let go of the stress of what we feel a family photography Perth session should look like.
Let go of the expectations, and you will see this as an amazing experience.

Before you know it, the golden sun shimmers on your skin, the shadows of the trees dance on your face, it might be a bit chilly as you wrap your little ones up, that golden honey glimmers through the trees and through your fingers as you touch the long grasses, or sets over the ocean. We all pause for a moment, as we watch the sunset with a full and happy heart. 
You are forever grateful that you and your family have had these images taken and cannot wait to see the end result.
Ive got you mama, the images will be treasured forever. 

And off you go to have dinner at your favourite restaurant or perhaps pick up your yummy fish and chips take away, you leave exhausted and happy. 

Your babies are running around, they are full of mischief and you have'nt found yourself in an image other than selfies for so long ...

the nitty gritty of your family session 

Let's Be

“At one point i removed myself to look in on my daughter, husband and Karin enjoying the photoshoot and i thought wow this experience in itself in a memory to cherish. My family smiled naturally from start to finish - no fake poses required.
Karin is amazing. We had such a beautiful and fun experience in her welcoming studio. Her personality and warmth is a credit to her and the results speak volumes of her work. We were completely blown away- I shed tears- the attention to detail was just priceless. Our daughter completely in the moment singing happy birthday to herself, she was super comfortable in this space!”


 Kind Words

“Our son was just 10 days of age when we had a newborn photoshoot with Karin. Her warmth, gentleness and confidence with our son made us feel so comfortable and safe with our infant in her hands. As a new mum the exhaustion had hit and I felt comfortable to lay down while she took care of him during the session.
Not only was she fantastic to work with during the session but her follow up service was just as great! I highly recommend Karin to all my friends and family for snaps of their little ones!!!”


“Being able to be there with my bub and the warm presence Karin had, watching her soothe my bub and put me at ease.

As well as being able to debrief about my baby and the birth and all the wonderful and not so wonderful aspect ts of the first few days of motherhood.

I cried when I saw my photos, they are wonderful!
I would say to others that are consider a session like this, to go for it, it was wonderfull”


"Hi Karin,
I've come home and everyone was asleep so I ended up watching it myself. I cried like 3 times.
You have done an amazing job to capture the most beautiful thing that has happened to us!"

Thank you!!!!”


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